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Palmer’s Lodge Swiss Cottage Meets Jane Austen

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July 2012

My expectations have slipped a few notches when it comes to accommodation.  When you travel as much as I do, sometimes you are faced with toilets that work half the time, either partially or rarely clean, bedsheets that don’t smell as dewy fresh as they could, or rude, annoying roommates where privacy is scarce.  I even recall a distinct sewage odour invading my nostrils from the bathroom of a hotel in Agra, India a couple of years ago. Ah, sweet memories.

In other words, I’ve grown to accept accommodations for what they offer.  A touch nicer than okay.  Semi-comfortable.  It will do.  I admit to being weary, even cynical nowadays.

When HostelBookers and I partnered together for Girls Running With Bulls, it was my turn to be surprised.  Even humble for a change.

Palmer’s Lodge Swiss Cottage is a historic manor that has been renovated into a modern day boutique hostel.  It took a while for me to wrap my head around that concept.

I tend to be a purist and prefer a historic manor to remain one, not be altered, but be trapped in time.  I was very wrong.

I’ve stayed in some breathtaking places, and as part of my job had to photograph them all, but I was greedy photographing this one.

I love antiques, get visibly excited over the stories that such objects hold.  And perhaps I had a whiff of Jane Austen floating in muslin and lace down the hallways, divining her novels and characters in the drawing room.  Musing upon love and life in front of a roaring fire on a chilly November night. The musty, ancient smell of such places is powerful to me.  Seductive.  Certainly, it wasn’t Bath, where Austen is from, but soaking in this environment sent my imagination wild.

I’ll admit something to you, I really don’t fancy London much.  It’s grey and dreary and indifferent.  The thought of going back to Palmers’ every night for my short stay cast London in a glorious light.

It’s rare that mere accommodations do that for me.  So, Palmers, you won me over. Jane and I couldn’t have been happier.

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