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Where to Stay in London: Palmers Lodge Swiss Cottage

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30th June 2013

Located in a cosy area in Zone 2 of London, Palmers Lodge Swiss Cottage proves to be nothing less than extraordinary. For the avid backpacker, this hostel is able to boast looks, feel, location, and safety all in one.     

Just 2 minutes walking distance from the Underground, off of the quaint Fitzjohns Avenue, Palmers Lodge lays peacefully tucked back into a cobblestone driveway. But don’t let the serenity fool you, just steps inside of the secured gate you can find lively backpackers hanging out around the courtyard, laughing, cheering and embracing what it is to be travelling on a whim.

In fact, the friendly front-desk staff embrace this sort of leisure. Upon check-in, receptionists encourage you to put down your luggage, take a breather, and join the rest of the backpackers over a cup of free coffee or tea. Once check-in time has arrived, you are provided with a key to your room, your free Wi-Wi access code, and the option to purchase towels and other toiletries.

The entire hostel gives off a historic charm, from the wood-trimmed bed posts to the long, carpeted staircase. The beds are complete with fresh linens, thick comforters, and a place to lock valuables. Each bed also has a curtain to obtain privacy and a bed-side lamp with multiple electrical outlets. Just down the hall from every room is a multi-toilet/shower which was never less then pristine. In fact, as many Swiss Cottage guests agreed, there was almost always a cleaning crew taking up part of the bathroom to sanitize. We definitely won’t complain about that.

To fuel up for a long day of travel, the hostel offers a mix of different options for breakfast. Guests can go along with traditional European breakfasts such as porridge, croissants, and tea, or stick with a bowl of cereal and a strong cup of coffee. You can also choose to dine on the beautiful outdoor terrace which is surrounded by lush greenery and offers plenty of seating. For those wanting to venture out for a morning meal, Palmers Lodge is in the prime location for different dining options. Just down the street before reaching the Underground is a quaint diner offering sandwiches and teas. Across the street is a fresh farmers market with fruits, vegetables, and baked items for those on-the-go. The hostel even has its own restaurant, featuring English favourites such as Fish and Chips, salads, and classic sandwiches. At night, the restaurant becomes a lively bar, offering up a variety of beers and pub snacks for those coming in late or looking to meet other travelers.

When it’s time for check-out, the friendly staff is happy to help with directions and guidance for your next destination. In total, Palmers Lodge Swiss Cottage proved to offer the most with the lowest price. For those looking for a relaxed yet fun place to stay in London, this historic-style mansion provides what every backpacker needs while on a budget.

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