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5 Types of People You’ll Meet in a Hostel

Aside from being one of them most affordable and convenient options for travellers and tourists alike, hostels are an excellent meeting place for people of all ages, genders and nationalities. But despite this universality, many of us will have spotted the same memorable characters while travelling all over the world – from boutique hostels in London to budget accommodation across Europe.

Here we’ve looked at five of the most common types of people that you’re likely to run into at any hostel, along with some tips for socialising and coexisting with them. Why not read on and see if any of these sound familiar?

The Partier

Usually a younger individual seeking accommodation after a night of drinking (or worse), the partier is generally to be found at a hostel in London or another busy city. They’ll be sleeping or out at a bar during the daytime, but if you value your beauty sleep, then you may need ear plugs to avoid being awoken by their staggering into the room at 4am.

The Quiet One

If you’re only looking for a single night’s accommodation, then you probably won’t give a second thought to the quiet one. They generally keep themselves to themselves, usually accompanied by a book and a pair of headphones.

You’ll never have reason to complain when you’re staying in a room with the quiet one, but you’re unlikely to enjoy any sparkling conversation either – something which can be less than ideal during longer trips or when visiting unfamiliar cities.

The Newbie

The newbie is generally new to both travelling and staying in hostels. As they’ve never experienced it before, the newbie will often be visibly amazed with the fast-paced dynamic of the setting, regardless of whether it’s a hostel in London or a small town.

The newbie will often be found quizzing other guests on where they’ve stayed in the past, where they’re going next, and what’s good to do in the local vicinity. As with the quiet one, the newbie’s enthusiasm can be both a positive and negative experience during your stay.

The Eco Warrior

The eco warrior is usually accompanied by an acoustic guitar, dreadlocks, anti-establishment views, several reasons to become a vegetarian, or all of the above. A majority are kind and open-minded people, who will acknowledge your views and engage in debate on any number of issues.

On the other hand, some will criticise you for your choice of clothes, health products or almost anything else. Approach with an open mind.

The Older Guy

The older guy usually has the money to afford the most luxury of accommodation, but he instead chooses a boutique hostel in London, Barcelona, or whichever other city he’s visiting.

They enjoy the experience of staying in a hostel – meeting new people, exchanging stories and experiences, not to forget saving money. Some will enjoy their own space, others can be an invaluable fountain of knowledge. You’ll need to play it by ear.

Have you encountered any of these characters while staying in a hostel? Why not let us know in the comments below!