Palmers Lodge: Beat the Winter Blues
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Palmers Lodge: Beat the London Winter Blues


If you’re in London today and you’re looking out of the window and it’s grey, damp and cold, it’s time to take action to beat the London winter blues.

There’s plenty to do each day to keep your spirits up even when it’s pouring down. Keeping your energy levels high, being kind to your body, ensuring you wrap up warm and being social are all ways to help you more than cope with the shorts days and chilly nights when you visit.

Aim to Keep Active

Don’t be lulled into staying under the duvet whilst at your boutique hostel. London has many world famous sites to visit, so it is important to stay both mentally and physically active when it’s cold.

Even though you’re just visiting London, go for an early morning run or take a trip to a local leisure centre for a swim.

If you’re interested in something a little more slow paced, London is a walking city, so sign up for a guided walking tour or, rather than hop in a cab or take the tube, give yourself time to walk from one place to the next.  Walking allows you to really see London. Expect to find lush grassy lawns and lakeside nature alongside high rise office blocks.


Look After Your Health

It’s tempting to eat comfort food when it’s cold. While visiting, don’t be tempted to fill up on only fatty or sugary foods, as your energy levels will certainly crash before you’ve visited all the tourist spots on your “To Do” list. Choose slow-releasing energy foods, which is why we serve a full continental breakfast from 7:30am to 10:00am.


Dress for the Weather

London in winter can be very cold, so when you’re out and about, make sure to dress suitably. Hats and gloves are important to keep your extremities warm.

If you’ve arrived to London unprepared for the cold weather, head down to vintage markets in Shoreditch or Camden Passage to get yourself the much needed heavy-duty coat or boots.


Stay in Touch

At Palmers Lodge we have several communal areas to hang out, so invite newly-made friends to our bar, conservatory or BBQ area.

Also, we encourage guests to chat to other Palmers Lodge customers. Arrange to go out for an evening event. The tube stop is a 3 minute walk from our Swiss Cottage location, so it is easy to get into town for a gig, theatre production, reservation at a restaurant or a night on the town.

And if you’re looking for a cheap and cheerful option, and you like classical music, St. Martin in the Fields always has a packed lunchtime calendar and evening concerts, free of cost.


The key to beating winter blues in London is to embrace and get involved in all the unique things that are happening on your boutique hostel’s doorstep. London is a vibrant place to be all year round; just book your stay at Palmers Lodge to experience it all.

If you’re currently staying at Palmers Lodge or will be joining us in the next couple of months, we’d love to know your handy tips for surviving the winter months? Respond via Twitter using the hashtag, #PalmersLodgeWinter and tagging @PalmersLodge.