Best places in London by Juliette • London Hostel, Palmers Lodge

Best places in London by Juliette

Name: Juliette Dupuis
Title: Marketing & Sales Intern at Palmers Lodge Hostels
Age: 18 years old
Country of origin: France

I’m an intern at Palmers Lodge over the period of 2 months. While I have been in London already three times, this internship will also mean another chance to revisit places which I had enjoyed in my previous travels.

Indeed, I’m never get tired of walking on Oxford Street. With its 2.5 kilometres and 300 shops, this avenue is possibly the most prolific shopping street of the world. So it’s a mythical street of London, at least for travellers with an interest in shopping. 

You can find the best shops there, and all you will ever need too. If you’re a shopping lover, you will definitely appreciate this street. There is anything you could possibly want to buy, and with prices for everyone -whether you are a cash conscious student or a (lucky) trust fund heiress- the choice is there.  I personally prefer to look out for bargains and if you do too, the place you can’t miss is a shop called Primark! It’s my favourite shop in London thanks to its cheap and fashionable clothes. If you want to get a good deal, Oxford Street is probably the place to be.

Another place that I can advice to you to go is Piccadilly Circus. This huge area is unavoidable with so many shops, street artists, cinemas, theatres… Piccadilly Circus is almost “alive” with culture and it’s also a great meeting point.

What I would suggest to do, is to go there towards the end of the day and wait until the night falls, so you can see the two very different aspects of this place: Piccadilly by day and by night with the illuminations. Moreover, there are many restaurants and shops. This is a really attractive place.