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How about if we celebrate Christmas in Zagreb?

As the happy, merry and cheerful time of the year is approaching, we are getting more and more excited about the happenings in the city! We like to refer Zagreb as the new Vienna (well, at least during Christmas time), so if you ever experienced it in there, you will enjoy it here. And if not, well… Welcome to the Balkan’s Christmas fest!

Croatia is famous for our gourmet cooking and lovable eating habits, so if you share our feelings towards cooked wine with a pinch of cinnamon, a sausage in a bun and some live music, then the main square is the place to be! When? Every single day!

When you arrive at the center of the city, the heart of it, you will see a huge white tent. And a lot of people inside. Doing what? Well, a little Octoberfest of our own! It is heated, it has seating areas as well as dancing ones, and you can order our local food, try our homemade wine, and of course, our amazing beer.


In front, the art and craft fair is very much active during the day so you can buy traditional souvenirs such as Licitar’s heart, traditional items and the regular offer which will keep you warm: scarfs, hats and everything else so you will feel all snuggled up and ready (well, our winters don’t tend to be that cold, but every year we pray for a white Christmas).

From the 27th of November on the Kvaternikov trg you can attend the annual Winter on Kvatric fair where you can find a daily program for yourself, for the kids, for the locals and the foreigners: for everybody. There will be from music to various workshops, so be sure to check it out. It lasts all day long.

You can find a blast from the past just next to the main square, the local fair called Fuliranje. This year is dedicated to the 50’s so be sure to pass next to the funicular railway and see what the locals were up to back in those days (music and food guaranteed)

Gričevanje – well, we do not know how to describe this, so maybe you should check it out for yourself. If we had to, we would describe it as an amazing fusion of a festival and a fair, bringing you a piece of pop culture and some old stories told by our grandmothers and all that located on an amazing plateau from where you have a view on the entire city. What more can a person ask for?

And one of our favorites: Project „Chistmas story“. A project of Croatian and international brands where they will have a decorating competition on all major Zagreb buildings, making them shine in a more innovative, creative and playful way, making this a new experience for all.

This is just the intro into the Christmas story which will happen here in the heart of Croatia, so be sure to check for an update soon, we will share all the info about where to eat, drink, party and more in these festive times!

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