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Museums in Zagreb

Museums, a must see in every city you visit. Well, Zagreb is known as a museum Mecca, from classic ones like the Museum of National History click here , the Technical museum click here, Archaeological museum click here and much more, to the ones that you can only see in Zagreb. One in a kind museum, you say?

Every day people ask us: What is a must see in Zagreb? There are so many things, but the gem we often recommend is the strangest, coolest, weirdest but dearest museum you will ever encounter: Museum of broken relationships! Click here. Ladies and gentlemen, you brake up, and what do you do with all the stuff that reminds you of the bitter end, the tragic love that broke into thousands of pieces, the beautiful romance that is now over? You take it to these cool people, and they will make sure that your voice will be heard. How come? You send a story along with the object, and they display that, so people can see the whole truth, or well, your side. There are so many stories, from the ones you will maybe call excessive like the axe which is displayed along with a story of the woman who chopped down the furniture of her ex girlfriend, to the sad ones like the prosthetic foot which is said to be „tougher than the love“of a woman who the guy met in the war where he lost his foot.

The story of this unusual place has been covered by all the major newspaper like the New York Times click here, Le Parisien click here, The Guardian click here.

But do not take their word for it, see for yourself how people see their own relationships, whether you are in a relationship and remembering the ones that did not last or a single fabulous guy or girl seeing the benefits of not being a part of the wrong couple.

If this is not enough to make you want to come here and explore, here is a list of some other great museums you can visit:
Zagreb city Museum, click here
Ethnographic Museum Zagreb, click here
Croatian State Archives, click here
Museum of Art and Crafts, click here
Dražen Petrovic memorial centre, click here
The Croatian sports Museum, click here
Croatian school Museum, click here
Croatian Museum of Naive Art, click here
Museum of contemporary art, click here
Mimara Museum, click here
The postal Musum, click here
Croatian History Museum, click here
The Ferdinand Budicki automobile museum, click here