Why London is my Favourite City by Francisco • London Hostel, Palmers Lodge

Why London is my Favourite City by Francisco

Name: Francisco Baia
Title: Groups Manager for Palmers Lodge and Hillspring Lodge
Age: Twenty Four
Country of Origin: Portugal

London is a city with so many possibilities, there is always something new happening just around the corner from where you are, when events end, they give way to new and exciting stuff, so is pretty much impossible to ever get bored of this city.

The key is have to keep your eyes open to what might come to your path, walking the city instead of taking public transport is a great way  to be aware of all the amazing things organised in London throughout the year.

I have been living in London for 6 years and I have seen some of the most exciting events here. What is special about London is that whatever your taste, there is always something that will be someone’s cup of tea. Me personally, I love West End Shows, Musicals and Movie Premières. Première nights in Leicester Square often means a great chance to spot some of the biggest film stars on the planet, which is always really exciting.

There’s a list of musicals that I have been lucky to go to while in London that includes the Lion King, Mamma Mia, Let it Be, Hair, Rock of Ages, Jersey Boys and A Chorus Line, among others. But the one that really gives me the goose bumps is Billy Elliot, is a fascinating story that will  inspire most of us, it inspires me, for sure.

The other great thing are theatre plays, there’s such a huge variety of plays in London, some that have been around for years and years, and some that last for brief periods only, right now there is one which I have seen called “Once” it’s a beautiful and interesting story, without spoiling it for you, please go and see it!

Other things that might not be as expensive as musicals and West End shows, are plenty of free fully guided walking tours of London .

You can also go to any of the many museums which are free to visit. The Science Museum, which is my favourite, and there is also the Natural History Museum which is so interesting, they both organise fascinating exhibitions regularly. For a full list of the free museums click here.

I hope you too, make the most of your time in this great city!