Palmers Lodge and the Mortimer's Orchard • London Hostel, Palmers Lodge

Palmers Lodge and the Mortimer’s Orchard

You speak, we hear.

You wish for it, you have it!

At Palmers Lodge we are proud to present our new Cider: The Mortimer’s Orchard. A cider of noble lineage with an ancient and pure pedigree, made on the Marcle Ridge by generations of local craftsmen.

An expertly balanced, premium English cider that exudes authenticity, presented in a confident contemporary style.

So how can a cider become art?

Well… Let’s find out how this all started.


The History

Cider is a long-standing and integral part of Herefordshire life. In 1880, Henry Weston brought his family to the bounds in Much Marcle and discovered the great craft of cider-making. Indeed over 130 years later, Westons carry on this tradition and continue to produce the very best quality English cider.

The Westons farm stands on Marcle Ridge, looking down on the remains of Mortimer’s castle built by the earl of Mortimer in the 11th century. Many battles have taken place here over the years as the Mortimer’s fell in and out of favour with the crown.

However, these days’ rows of soldiers have been replaced with rows of apple trees, and finding a decent glass of cider is no longer a battle, as you will appreciate as you take your first refreshing sip of Mortimer’s Orchard.


The Orchard

 Herefordshire is the heart of the English cider industry. The rich soil and micro-climate provide the perfect conditions for apples trees to yield outstanding apples. In the shadow of Marcle Ridge lies Mortimer’s Orchard, where a blend of Michelin and Dabinett cider apples meet 133 years of cider-making expertise.


The Craft

 The journey of Mortimer’s Orchard, from the apple tree to the glass, is dictated by nature’s bounty but treated with man’s care and precision.

Over the years, the farmers have discovered which apple varieties produce the best juice for making the cider. Today, these carefully selected trees are pruned and nurtured by their orchard manager ensuring the best possible yield with the best quality apples.

In the autumn, the ripe apples are harvested ready for milling and pressing. The master cider maker crafts Mortimer’s Orchard from a traditional blend of a third sweet, a third bittersweet and a third from sharp apple to create the distinctive palate of flavours that are found in Mortimer’s Orchard. The cider is then left to mature in their traditional oak vats.


Having said all that… Don’t be shy and join the rest of the guests in the Bar and have a taste of our fine cider!