The Meantime Yakima Red and Asahi Beers • London Hostel, Palmers Lodge

The Meantime Yakima Red and Asahi Beers

If you stepped into our bar, you probably noticed that we not only have the most popular beers around, but also a special selection of our own. This selection includes craft beers from the Meantime Company, a London based brewery, and the Asahi beers, an exotic Japanese brewery.

The Meantime Brewery is committed to create delicious beers. The brewers built a state of the art brewery in Greenwich with the focus of letting the beer have time to “come into its own.” In addition to making great beer, the brewers wanted to educate people on the process of creating delicious beer, so they opened their brewery to the public for tours.

On our bars you can find different types of beers from this brewery. Not long ago, we started to serve two of them: The London Lager and The London Pale Ale. Since we noticed that our guests enjoyed the taste of a different beer rather than the popular ones, we decided to add another flavor to the family: The Yakima Red. This last one is brewed with British and German malts to give a deep ruby colour and medium to full body. The addition of five varieties of US hop from the Yakima Valley in Washington State imparts spectacular fruit and citrus flavours with a restrained bitterness. Yakima Red is 4.1% ABV and delivers all the flavour and character you come to expect from Meantime’s variety of craft beer styles.


The other addition to our variety of beers it’s the refreshing barley flavor and crisp aftertaste of the Asahi Super Dry. It is by far the most popular high-quality beer in Japan. Since its debut in 1987 as Japan’s first dry beer, it has continued to improve the taste and excitement of beer. The taste has set a new standard that is acknowledged around the world today and we wanted to introduce it to you.

To make this exotic beer, they use a rare yeast, the Asahi yeast strain No. 318, which not only yields outstanding fermentation, but produces a complex aroma that results in an elegant and sophisticated flavor and ensures Super Dry’s pure, crisp, dry taste.


So if you haven’t tried them before, wait no longer and come to our bars to enjoy these new flavors!