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Summer in the Zagreb Metropolis

It is hard not to notice how the weather has changed in the last two weeks, from the showers of May to the blissful sun that has been warming our winter bodies, and finally we can throw away our coats and say hallo to our sun dresses and flip flops! With this warm sunny days, there is an itch awakening and just needs to be scratched: travelling. So, we would like to point out 5 important reasons why to pick Zagreb as your destination for this Summer:

First, and foremost, Zagreb is an amazing city: it’s architecture will blow your mind, it’s undiscovered paths will be something you will talk about for years to come, to your grand-kids, to your future someone whom you may have met on your travels, right here in the capital of beautiful Croatia, because, have you seen our man and women? They are gorgeous! Which brings us to our number two: the people!

Sometimes, the Croatians are described as cold people, minding our own business, keeping away. And then you meet one of them, and they help you out with a tip or two, because most of them speak perfect English and visiting Zagreb will not be a culture shock, everybody is so open and helpful, and people actually reach out to you on the street if they notice you are a foreigner, and want to know more about you. But, they will also leave you alone if you want that , they are not pushy and they will not try to sell you stuff all the time.

The third, but very important: the crowds. Since a lot of tourists visit Zagreb just for a day or two, there is never that feeling like there are only tourists in the city, you actually get to see the city as it is, enjoy the sightseeing without long queues to take pictures or to enter museum, and you get to meet the locals from Zagreb since a lot of people just work in Zagreb and live somewhere else during the winter.

The weather is number four. Zagreb, as most of Croatia, gets most sunny days, over 200 a year, and it is never that hot not to be able to walk around, but hot enough so you feel it is truly Summer. The nights are magnificent, with that breeze in the Upper town that will give your spine lovely goosebumps, and the air so clean up in the Sljeme mountain that will make you feel like you are inhaling health, and it is located just 20 minutes up the hill from the main square!

An the last, but maybe the most important: a variety of accommodation. Since Zagreb is pretty cheap in regards to other cities in the Western Europe, you will find you can book dorms, private rooms and even studio apartments for a pretty great price! We are proud to present that our hostel Palmers Lodge Zagreb has once again adjusted to the demand of the market, and beside our lovely dorms and private rooms, we now offer deluxe private rooms and studio apartments that are fully equipped with a kitchenette, cable TV and free WiFi! Talk about comfort for a budget price!



In the end, the final reason why you pick Zagreb is up to you: maybe it will be for some of the reasons we emphasised here, maybe it will be because you heard that Game of Thrones is filmed in Croatia, but if you decide to come, we promise one thing: loads of fun and memories!

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