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Tips from our bar!

A lesson in bartending: Mixed drinks and cocktails

Many of you lodgers are familiar with some mixed drinks and cocktails. You know how to order them in a bar -and watching the sexy bartender mixing them. But if needed (in a drink emergency) could you whip one up?

We have created a list of recipes for you to try straight from our on bar goods here at Palmers Lodges. Why not give one of them a go and drink up! Cheers! ;p  …

Of course, drink responsibly, only when your of age and with mates!

Cuba Libre (unleash your inner Jack Sparrow)
Highball glass, ice
– 1 oz light rum
– fill w/ coke
– garnish w/ lime


Frisky ginger (you know you want to try it!)
Highball glass, ice
– 1 oz whiskey
– 1/2 fill w/ ginger-ale
– 1/2 fill w/ soda
– garnish w/ lemon twist


Red snapper (simple and juicy)
Highball glass, ice, salted rim
– 1 oz vodka
– fill w/ grapefruit juice


Tequila Sunrise (meant to be drunk with breakfast during sunrise)
Collins glass, ice
– 1 oz tequila
– fill w/ orange juice
– top w/ 1/2 oz of grenadine
– garnish w/ cherry


Hairy Navel (Tastes way better then it sounds)
Collins glass, ice
– 1/2 oz vodka
– 1 oz peach schnapps
– fill w/ cranberry juice


Gin & Tonic    …need we say more! 


ENJOY! XXX Team Palmers