The weekend! • London Hostel, Palmers Lodge

The weekend!

Hiya  Lodgers! 

YES it’s that day of the week! WEEKEND STARTS TODAY ..about time! So much planned to do, see and drink before Monday, what are you up to?! Now, we could stay in and enjoy all that Palmers Lodges has to offer but we sense a hint of spring in the weather! Whohooo!

Now the big question is what to do this weekend! As always London has so much to offer from theatre shows, dim sum in china town to rolling around in the grass at Hyde Park like a dog! But this weekend is extra special! Yes my dears its London Fashion Week!

The city is pulsing with the vibe of fashion and more importantly epic parties! All around London major and mini designers are showcasing their newest creations often accompanied by food and drinks! So, if you happen to be strolling down the streets and see a party that you can join in on (and is free!) let us know on our Facebook page!

We also love freebies! Many stores will have one or two freebies for you to take home, so make sure when you do you stock up on free stuff  and share the love with us at Palmers ;P!

Make-up brand Bourjois will have surprise pop-up stores throughout London with goodie bags and free stuff like make-overs and products, if you happen to bump into one do let us know! (…. Hmm you might see all the make-up wearing Palmers staff running for the doors!) 😛 

Anyhow, if store brands and make-up is not your thing, on Sunday there will be a special vintage clothing store right next to Camden Town in Primrose hill, a cool twenty minutes walk from Swiss Cottage!

If shopping is not for you this weekend?! SAY WHAAAT?! Then there is always a pub around the corner, just check in at Foursquare and discover!!! 

See you!