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Your guide to the best travel apps

For some people, travelling involves research, books, giant folding maps, a set-in-stone itinerary, a bum bag, Hawaiian shirt, and a giant hat. As enticing as a vacation with that family sounds (kidding!), modern travel can be much more flexible with the use of smartphone apps.

Not too long ago, using a phone abroad lead to massive mobile phone charges, and Wi-Fi use was limited to computers. With the increasing popularity and capabilities that smartphones provide users, many apps have been created that augment a traveller’s ability to plan a trip as they go.   

That being said, there are so many apps to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start. We’ve compiled a list of the best travel apps to help you in any travel scenario.  

Trip Advisor

It goes without saying that any holiday begins with some planning. TripAdvisor has become one of the premier free apps for vacationers. The popularity of TripAdvisor has spanned across the world; anywhere you go you will find at least one restaurant or hotel with a TripAdvisor seal of approval in the window.

TripAdvisor’s popularity is justified; the app provides lists of hotels, museums, outdoors, sports, and suggested itineraries for some larger cities. TripAdvisor reviews also tend to be very honest, and there are reviews of thousands for cities around the world.        

Wifi Finder

Now that you have a place to stay and some things to do, you can concentrate on your destination. To find where these places are located or to tweet that you are so excited to be there, you’ll need internet access. Data roaming is still quite expensive, so your best bet is to use Wi-Fi.

To ease your search of Wifi hotspots, Wi-Fi Finder is a free app that searches for signals near your position. Wifi finder works both online and offline, and is able to filter the type of provider you are looking for. With the ability to find the nearest internet access, there is no longer any need to pay for data or risk heavy roaming charges. Of course, it goes without saying that Palmers Lodges has free Wifi.    

Food Spotting

Now that you’ve had a long day trekking through museums or shops, it’s time for a great meal. You may be in the mood for a particular dish, so which restaurant do you choose from with the hundreds of restaurants out there? How do you know if it’s one you can afford? Food Spotting helps you find that great meal by being able to search for both restaurants and individual dishes.
The location of the selected item is located on Google maps, and indicates how far the restaurant is from your location. The app also includes pictures of dishes and reviews, and lets you hide the dishes you do not want and highlight the ones you love. Best of all, it’s free.  


After a long day of sightseeing and eating, you realize that you have already run out of money or that you need to call mom and tell her all about your day. With Viber, you can send calls, text messages, and pictures when connected to Wifi. Viber is completely free, and push notification guarantees that you will be alerted every time someone sends you a message.

Palmers Lodge Hostel City Guide

If your travels take you to London, you’re in luck. Palmers Lodges have developed an app that will be launching soon. Specialising in things to do in London and beyond, the app can help you plan the best travel routes, landmarks to see, restaurants to discover, and even find deals on shows and events. Like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter to stay updated.