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From Wembley to the Westend, we’ve got the info and the offers on the London events you’ll not want to miss.

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Cari viaggiatori italiani a Londra, vorrei affrontare con voi un argomento molto delicato ma dai toni divertenti giusto per stemperare le polemiche che sono seguite alla vittoria nel …


Cari viaggiatori, l’estate e’ arrivata anche a Zagabria! Gli acquazzoni primaverili hanno lasciato il posto a un incatevole sole che ha riscaldato i nostri corpi intirizziti dalla stagione …


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Palmers Lodge is the perfect place to start your London adventure. Whether you’re new to London or you know it well, we’ve got all the info on the best places to see, the latest and greatest bars and restaurants, shopping tips, sightseeing and more.

We know all the best neighbourhoods and our friendly staff will be there for you as you head out into this city that we love.







Both our London Hostels are within a 25 minute journey to Wembley Stadium making Palmers the perfect place to stay when visiting Wembley.

Whether it’s a music concert or football game, we get fully booked for big events so book early and enjoy the atmosphere with other fans, for an experience to remember.

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