Palmers Lodge Recommends: the RA Moroni Exhibition

Staff Recommends: The RA Moroni Exhibit

If you’re planning to travel to London from now until 25th January, we strongly recommend visiting the Moroni exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts. Whether you’re an art enthusiast, history fanatic, or anything in between, you will be sure to have a great experience at the Moroni exhibition. Start your day exploring the Royal Academy of Arts and end your day at one of the RA’s neighbours, relaxing with tea, shopping and dining.

Getting There

You are in London, so expect some inclement weather, but don’t let this stop you from visiting the Royal Academy of Arts. Both the London Tube and the bus system will bring you from Palmers Lodge to within walking distance of the Royal Academy of Arts. Just hop on the tube to Piccadilly Circus or Green Park. Looking for a more direct route? The London bus system has many stops that will drop you right outside the Royal Academy of Arts on Piccadilly.

A Brief History

Giovanni Battista Moroni was one of the great Italian portraitist of the 16th century, famed for his naturalistic style of work.  Moroni’s ability to depict realistic details made him a notable artist of his time.

This exhibition is the first in the UK of an extensive collection of Moroni’s work and includes some of his most famous portraits, such as “The Tailor”, but also some of his lesser known pieces including religious works and never-before seen altarpieces from the churches of Bergamo. Forty-five minute exhibition tours are free with an exhibition ticket, but you can also pick-up a handheld audio guide which will provide you with information if you wish to move along the exhibition at your own pace.

Everyone is Raving about this Exhibition

This is an exhibit you don’t want to miss. Moroni and his work have been described by The Telegraph as: “Sublime…when it came to portraiture he was a genius, an artist whose understanding of the complexities of the human character I wouldn’t hesitate to compare to Shakespeare in literature—and in art, only to Degas.” In reference to the realism and infusion of character in his work, exhibition curator Arturo Galansino describes Moroni’s work by stating: “This was revolutionary.”

What else is at the Royal Academy of Arts?

If you’re looking for modern art, the Allen Jones exhibit will also be running until 25th January. This exhibit spans the career of Allen Jones, British Pop artist from 1960-present. You may also find yourself exploring the 100 Buildings 100 Years exhibit, which presents the evolution of British architecture over the past century and will be on display until 1st February.

Recommendations for After your Visit

Warm up after your visit with a hot cup of tea from Fortnum and Mason located just next door. If you find yourself wrapping up at the Royal Academy of Arts around dinner time, try San Carlo Cicchetti right down the street for the most delicious Italian food. You may also consider heading to Piccadilly Circus to get a start on your Christmas shopping, which has a variety of shops including: Cath Kidston, Hatchards and Laduree.

Or, if you’d like to relax in the comfort of a home setting, head back to Palmers Lodge, our boutique hostel, and enjoy a drink in our recently renovated bar and restaurant.