Palmers Lodge: Take the Scenic Route

Palmers Lodge: Take the Scenic Route

Even when visiting London, one of the most vibrant and historic cities in the world, it is easy to fall into a routine. Whether it’s the same tube or bus route taken to and from work, or the same restaurants booked when spending time in the city or walking the same route to a specific destination, we often fall into these habits with our eyes closed to the opportunities around us to enjoy new and different experiences.

With so many things to do in London, this city should never be taken for granted. It is a place of beauty, excitement and a location offering something 24 hours a day.

A Trip to the Theatre

If you’re currently a guest at Palmers Lodge, a great place to visit is Hampstead Theatre. Located close to the boutique hostel and only a minute walk from Swiss Cottage tube on Eton Avenue, you can choose from various enriching theatrical experiences in their small 80-seater theatre. Established film, theatre and TV stars have all tread the boards of Hampstead Theatre, including Zoe Wanamaker and Shaun Evans. Many plays that opened at the Hampstead Theatre to rave reviews then transferred to the West End.



See a Film

The world of cinema is now more jam-packed and varied than before. Small production companies are releasing film through lottery funding, which have begun to redefine the industry. Hollywood movies continue to amaze and impress through big budget action storylines and A-list casts. Additionally, films from around the world , such as the glamour of Bollywood films, are now just as accessible in London as in Mumbai.

The big movie of the moment is American Sniper. Bradley Cooper stars as Chris Kyle, the most lethal sniper in US history with the most confirmed killings. The Clint Eastwood directed movie is courting controversy as, on the one hand, viewers say the film glorifies war, while yet others (including soldiers) say the film depicts the reality of war. The film has already been released, so head to the local cinema in the O2 Centre, just a 10 minute walk from the boutique hostel.



Discover the Excitement of a Museum Exhibition

Whatever your age, we can all probably tell tales of school trips being dragged to a museum exhibition we, at the time, had no interest in.

It’s time to forget our school day past and embrace the many exciting exhibitions, which take place in London every year. Step out from your luxury hostel and spend the day at one of London’s many iconic museums.

Exhibitions to pencil into the calendar during 2015 include the magical Coral Reefs exhibition at the Natural History Museum and the engaging Alexander McQueen exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum.



Dinner in a New Location

When you visit London, it is necessary to Google restaurants, as there are so many options. And even if you go somewhere and fall in love with a succulent steak or the best crème brulee, there’s a world of gourmet delights available in London to tickle your taste buds.

Try newly opened restaurants Tommy Tucker, a gastropub and JinJuu. JinJuu is the noteworthy new restaurant from owner chef Judy Joo. Not only did she previously work for Gordon Ramsay and run the restaurant at the Playboy Club, but she also starred in the TV show ‘Iron Chef.’



Try a New Way to Workout

Even when travelling and on holiday, it’s great to stay active. If you’re looking for an alternative to the gym you usually use or want something more structured than the excercise you get when walking around the landmarks of the capital, then have a go at Triyoga.

It’s a workout designed to strengthen the core muscles and tone the body. Offering over 150 classes a week, the newest addition is a ballet infused yoga class fitted out with a ballet barre.


Whatever you’re planning to do today, tonight or this coming weekend…stop and think again. Make sure when visiting London, you find something unique, different and new.