The reasons why you are going to love London… • London Hostel, Palmers Lodge
Tower Bridge at night. London, UK.

The reasons why you are going to love London…

London is a touristic destination which makes you daydream for its dynamism, its history, its inhabitants… It is also very easy to go there thanks to the Eurotunnel, the Ferry, or by plane. The capital is very well served. We especially love London for these reasons:

The free museums

London is a culturally rich city and we can visit a large number of museums there. The advantage? The public museums are free! Such as the British Museum, the National Gallery, the Tate Britain, The Victoria and Albert Museum or the Science Museum.

The shops open on Sunday

Are you fed up with the Sundays without doing anything? It’s not going to happen in London because the shops are open! A little ride to Oxford Street or Covent Garden with a restaurant or a coffee in the afternoon is completely possible.

The atmosphere and the pubs

London also rhythms with pubs. And we do not grow tired of going there so much the atmosphere is pleasant. Ideal to take advantage of the night-life and to get acquainted with the Londoners.

The politeness of the English

If you have ever been to London before, you certainly noticed the fact they were very polite. Over there, we always apologize when we push aside (and even when we are pushed aside!). It’s also what makes the charm of the English.

The beauty of parks

Parks of London are impressive by their size. Hyde Park for example extends over 140 hectares, but we find many other green, very pleasant spaces when the weather is good. You can go there to do sports, for a walk, picnic or just for the pleasure to be in a park.

The Tea Time

In the UK, we do not laugh with Tea Time. Just have to go a tearoom to realize it. The list of teas is always impressive and with it you can taste some delicious English specialities such as scones, muffins or cupcakes…

The various areas

Whatever your tastes, you are sure to find a district which will please you in London. The atmospheres are very different. Notting Hill is smarter, Camden Town is alternative, Soho trendy, Mayfair luxurious, and so you have a choice.