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Visit London in 2 days

You only have two days to visit the British capital? You’d like to discover the maximum in a short time? No worries, here is a suggestion of a program with the main attractions in London to do in only 2 days.

  • Day 1: discover London

Morning: visit of the city centre

To begin the day, rendez-vous at Buckingham Palace, near Victoria Coach Station or Green Park Station. You can see the guards at the entrance of the palace, it’s a must. Then, you can have a stroll along the Thames, where you’ll find the houses of Parliament and the Big Ben and impossible miss the London Eye in front of you. A little ride on the London Eye will let you to have a magnificent view of the city.

Midday: eating Mexican food at Wahaca

Have a lunch at Wahaca-Souhtbank, next to the Waterloo Bridge. It’s a Mexican restaurant which is very nice, where you can taste tortillas, tacos, salads and burritos… The address which is closed to the London Eye is The Wahaca Southbank Experiment, Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank Centre, Belvedere Road, London SE1 8XX.

Afternoon: Cultural time

In the afternoon, you can go to Trafalgar Square and visit the National Gallery just next to it. Then you can go to Saint Paul’s Cathedral on foot in about 6 minutes. The architecture of the Cathedral is wonderful and is worth seeing. Still on foot, you can walk until Chinatown to discover the famous Asian area and have a dinner there. If you want to, you can end your day by having a drink in the Soho area.

  • Day 2: Shopping and strolls

Morning: shopping

Go to Piccadilly Circus station and take a walk on Regent Street, a smart avenue with several shops (Zara, Hollister, SuperDry, H&M, Apple…) all the way to Oxford Street. This big avenue will be appreciated by the shopper addicts because it’s THE commercial street in London.

Midday: go to Covent Garden

By tube you can easily get to Covent Garden, a big open market, very nice to visit. You can find famous shops, creator’s stands, but also restaurants where you can have a break and grab something to eat.

Afternoon: stroll in the parks and visit of Camden

Then head to Hyde Park for a digestive stroll in this huge green space. After that, if the alternative culture attracts you, you can take the tube to Camden Town. Crazy shops will open their doors for a dive in London 70s, punk and rock n’ roll. We do not refuse a gourmet break in the market of Camden.

And then your day is finished. However, if you still have time, don’t hesitate to stay a bit longer in Camden because in the evening live shows are taking place in the bars in this area!