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London’s Pride Parade

On Saturday 28 of June the streets of London will host the Pride Parade. It is one of the London’s biggest public events, second only to the Notting Hill Carnival. The London LGBT + Community Pride have announced that the slogan for 2014 will be: “‘Freedom to…’: freedom to be ourselves,  love who we want, change society, live without fear, be an Olympic medal winner… Whatever the Freedom is that you cherish, this is the chance to celebrate it”. Pride London was born in 2004 as charity. Their aim is to promote equality and diversity and raise awareness.

The first official Uk Gay Pride was held on the 1st July 1972 as a tribute to the Stonewall riots of 28 June 1969 in the streets of the Greenwich Village, in New York. There was a police raid at the Stonewall Inn, a pub attended by homosexuals and violent collisions broke out between the gay community and the police. This event marked a turning point in the history of the gay liberation movement and it gave to the minorities the voice to claim their dignity. One of the slogans of the protest was: “We are everywhere!” a way to tell “We are free to go everywhere and being ourselves”.

The Pride Parade is the heart of the event and takes place along the most famous London shopping streets: it will leave Baker Street at 1pm, travelling east along Oxford Street to Oxford Circus, down Regent Street to Piccadilly Circus, down Lower Regent Street, along Pall Mall and Cockspur Street, through Trafalgar Square and into Whitehall, where the Parade will end and disperse. Thousands of dancers and singers, marchers or mere spectators will celebrate the right to be one’s self. In the last years Pride London has become a festival with several collateral events in the city centre. Very important is the contribution of volunteers for the success of the event and more than 400 were involved.

To find out how to get involved in the event and have general information follow the link: