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St. Patrick’s Day 2015 in London

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day 2015 in London


Dancing a jig, a pint of the black stuff, wearing green and partying through the night can only mean one thing across the world–St. Patrick’s Day has arrived!

The Irish of the globe, and those who don’t have roots in the Emerald Isle but like to join the celebration, all come together on 17th March each year to hold one of the largest annual parties in cities stretching from Dublin to New York and round to London.

If you’re staying at our luxury hostel, Palmers Lodge, London has a wealth of ways you can join in.

History of St. Patrick’s Day

For those in Ireland, 17th march is a day of huge celebration.

The main event is a three day festival in Dublin, beginning the 14th and ending the 17th of March. It’s a colourful mix of parades, music, comedy and the traditional ‘painting the city green’ with light shows at night.

Across the rest of the country, it’s a day of excitement planned many months ahead as friends and family gather to show pride in their country with grassroots fairs, attractions and the promotion of traditional arts and culture.


Where can Palmers Lodge guests celebrate in London?

If you’re going to be at Palmers Lodge boutique hostel on St. Patrick’s Day, there’s lots happening just a short tube or bus ride away. Make sure to immerse yourself in the party and you’ll end the day with great memories and fantastic new friends.

You’ll need to ensure you’re up bright and early for the annual St. Patrick’s Day London Parade, as it takes place on the 15th March–the date changes each year and is always the nearest Sunday to St. Patrick’s Day itself.

The parade centres around Trafalgar Square and is a heady combination of floats, music and dancing. Head there along with 150,000 revellers expected to really feel as if you’re in the middle of Ireland, rather than London.

On the 17th itself, the perfect place to visit is the Irish Centre. The nearest tube is Camden Road and you can spend your time there at a tea dance with a 3 course meal and music, take in a dance lesson, visit the launch of the free photography exhibition and then end the day with the inaugural Country and Irish music night from 8pm.


Different Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day whilst Staying at Palmer’s Lodge

St. Patrick’s Day in London is a whirlwind of events and if you want to do something typically Irish, how about trying the following:

  • Learn an Irish jig to impress fellow guests at your Palmers Lodge luxury hostel in London
  • Wear green on the day; ensure you pack your favourite green shirt or jumper
  • Enjoy a well earned round of applause in a bar after singing a traditional Irish song such as ‘Danny Boy’ or ‘Whiskey in the Jar’

Whatever time of the year you visit Palmers Lodge luxury hostel, London is awaiting you. Embrace the opportunity to immerse yourself in the history and culture of this great city and on St. Patrick’s Day. Raise a glass of your favourite Irish tipple to the man who became a Saint of his country and to those joining you in one of the largest global parties of the year.