Bermondsey's Craft Beer Mile • London Hostel, Palmers Lodge

Bermondsey’s Craft Beer Mile

Londoners are well known for their passion for beer… Good beer!
That’s why in the last decade we’ve seen a huge increase of home made beers being brewed in London.

The Bermondsey area has not been the exception and now there are five brewery taps. It looks pretty cool as the breweries are located in railway arches. And the ones who take the most advantage of this flourishing scene it’s us, the drinkers!
So every Saturday you can attend the ‘Bermondsey Beer Mile’, also known as ‘Craft Beer Mile’ which includes five brewery taps, one next to the other. The places are only open on Saturdays and from the late morning until 3 or 4 pm only. It really depends on the day as some may stay open until 6 pm.

So what about the breweries?

The first stop of the crawl is the Fourpure brewery, founded in 2013. A London based family brewery. They say that is important to stay true to the principles of brewing – respecting the four core ingredients used to make beer: grain, yeast, hops and water. This was the inspiration for the name Fourpure.

Where? 22 Trading Estate, Rotherhide New Road, SE16 3LL


Their brewery bar is open Saturdays 11am – 5pm, selling a range of beers to drink in or take away.

Where? 8 Almond Street, SE16 3LR

The Kernel

They make Pale Ales, India Pale Ales and old school London Porters and Stouts. Bottled alive, to give them time to grow.

Where? Arch 11, Dockley Industrial Estate, SE16 3SF

Brew By Numbers

These carefully crafted beers are brewed with the finest natural ingredients and packaged alive, in both bottle and KeyKeg, to ensure a natural carbonation and allow flavours to evolve over time.

Where? 79 Enid Street, SE16 3RA

Anspach & Hobday/Bullfinch Brewery

Anspach & Hobday’s vision is to brew and curate the best of beer and put London back at the centre of the map for beer in Europe. So you can count on having a good beer there.

Where? 118 Druid Street, SE1 2HH


And don’t forget that you can enjoy a beer from the Meantime Brewery Company right in the comfort of Palmers Lodge. We are licensed to serve delicious regional beers in our newly renovated bars so come join us after 5!

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