Palmers Lodge: Top Five London Breweries

Palmers Lodge: Top 5 London Breweries


Staying at Palmers Lodge? In under an hour, you can visit five of London’s top breweries: Camden Town Brewery, Meantime Brewery Company, London Fields Brewery, Crate Brewery and By The Horns. These five excellent breweries offer a substantial range of beers, making them the ideal place to satiate any and all beer cravings.

  1. Camden Town Brewery: Having started brewing beer in the basement of his pub, Jasper Cuppaidge, chose Camden as the spot for his brewery. He wanted, “to be able to walk to work.” Good reason, right? The brewery makes a range of beers year round: Camden Hells Lager, Unfiltered Hells, Camden Pils, Camden Pale Ale, Gentleman’s Wit and Camden Ink. They also make two beers specifically brewed for the yummy hamburger chain, Byron,destination for proper hamburgers.
  2. Meantime Brewery Company: Meantime Brewery is committed to creating delicious beers. The brewers built a state of the art brewery in Greenwich with the focus of letting the beer have time to “come into its own.” In addition to making great beer, the brewers wanted to educate people on the process of creating delicious beer, so they opened their brewery to the public for tours.
  3. London Field Brewery: Inspired by a drought of craft beer in Hackney, the London Fields brewers wanted to provide home grown, handcrafted beers to the public. Based in the centre of Hackney under the railway arches, the brewery was born in 2011.
  4. Crate Brewery: With 7 different varieties of beers, Crate Brewery has several venues, including…a boat?! Currently being renovated and re-furbished, the canal boat was bought at auction and was once a derelict restaurant. Keep your eyes peeled in the near future for a floating pub.
  5. By The Horns: This brewery began when two friends started making beer in a home brew kit in their garage. Initially, 4 flagship ales were created for cask ale and bottles, with one-off limited edition beers made every month. However, within only 18 months of operation, the brewery was expanded and enabled keg beers to be brewed.

Getting beer from any one of these London breweries guarantees a better tasting craft beer as the focus of craft beer is taste, invention and high quality.

However, if one evening you don’t feel like travelling far, you can enjoy a beer from the Meantime Brewery Company right in the comfort of Palmers Lodge. We are licensed to serve delicious regional beers in our newly renovated bar and restaurant. In addition, visitors of Palmers Lodge that choose to tour the Camden Town Brewery can sample up to sixteen beers throughout their tour.

Transport to and from Palmers Lodge to these breweries and other tourist spots is extremely easy and affordable.  London transport is not only the most recognizable, but also the most reliable way to navigate London. Grab yourself a Visitor Oyster Card and London will open up before you. If you want to see London in a greater depth, you could even rent a Boris bike. Although, we don’t suggest drinking and riding.


The beautiful architecture of our Grade II listed Palmers Lodge mansion.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a backpacker, a style conscious traveler or a local tourist, you will always be on budget and enjoy your stay when at Palmers Lodge. The grand charm of this historic mansion makes for both a comfortable and a relaxing stay for all guests.