Guide to London in Winter--Palmers Lodge

Palmers Lodge: Guide to London in the Winter


Visiting London during the winter months? Okay, so maybe your hands are a little chilly and your nose may be running a bit, but don’t let that take away from the beautiful winter scenery in London. You’ll forget all about that once you lay eyes on the Christmas lights lining Oxford Street, see families and friends gathered at the Natural History Museum ice rink for a skate and browse the Christmas window display at Harrods. Palmers Lodge Boutique Hostel is the best place to cosy up after a day out in the chilly winter weather.


Follow our Palmers Lodge tips for visiting London in the Winter

During the winter in London, it tends to get dark pretty early (sometimes as early as half four.) This is also the time of year when it rains frequently and sometimes, though very rarely, it snows. Packing proper shoes and an umbrella will help you to fight any harsh winter weather you may encounter on your travels to London.

Pack Layers

When packing for your stay at Palmers Lodge make sure to include jumpers. Jumpers are the perfect item of clothing for layering under your winter jacket, which is another item you should be sure to bring. You’ll definitely want some mittens or gloves to keep your fingers toasty while your ice skating and some warm socks to keep your toes snug.

With the cold winter weather, you may find your skin and lips getting pretty dry. We recommend bringing lip balm and body lotion to combat the dryness.

Grab a Warm Drink

What’s the best cure for battling the winter weather? A nice warm cup of hot chocolate, tea, or coffee. We recommend Costa Coffee, who have a storefront on most high-streets. Their holiday season drinks take a delicious twist on the traditional coffee house menu. They even have their own collection of Holiday cups to get you in the Christmas spirit.


Or if you’re a fan of independent coffee shops, why not head to Shoreditch’s Cafe 1001? Not only is it a coffee shop, but the space also hosts gigs and events.

What To Do

Find ways to keep yourself active while on your holidays. Consider packing running clothes and working out with your travel friends. It gets the blood flowing and will increase your endorphins to help you deal with the early on set of darkness. Or grab your friends and check out an outdoor ice skating rink (preferably one with Christmas lights), and have yourself a night of skating (or falling) in the Winter Wonderland. If you’re feeling too cold to leave Palmers Lodge, our London boutique hostel has a comfortable common area where you can curl up with a book and read for the evening.