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4 parks in London you can’t miss out

If you ever visited London you probably already know that the city is full of green spaces. Some of them are so big that makes you forget you are in the city. If you are visiting London for a weekend then you want to check out at least one of them. And if you’d like to see them all, well.. you will have to spend more than weekend to do so! But, anyway, that’s not gonna stop us from recommending you our favorite ones.

A curious squirrel wondering if he's gonna get a treat

A curious squirrel wondering if he’s gonna get a treat.

The list starts with the Regents Park. This beautiful and colorful park, designed by John Nash, is one of the Royal Parks of London. It’s located in the middle of the city (only 8 mins by tube from our Swiss Cottage hostel) and it’s close to Camden Town, Baker Street and Madame Tussauds. Ideal for having a picnic and walking through the beautiful gardens full of flowers. Absolutely amazing!

Regents Park in bloom (Photo by London and Partners)

Regents Park in bloom (Photo by London and Partners)

In North London we have one of the best views of the city from the peaceful Hampstead Heath park. This one is the personal favorite of many of our staff members. It has big plain green spaces as well as lots of trees. It makes you feel like you are in a forest! It also has several ponds including 3 where people can swim. One mixed, one for the girls only and the last one just for the boys. Do you remember the movie Notting Hill? There was a scene where Julia Roberts’ character was filming in a park with a big white house in the back.. Yup! That’s Hampstead Heath! If you go to this park, don’t forget to go up the hills. Quite a nice view!

Nothing better than forgetting you are in the city and imagine you are in the forest.

Nothing better than feeling you are in a forest far away from the chaos of the big city.

A lot of visitors want to stay close to the main touristy areas so we have the perfect green spot for those who want to take a break from the shopping.  St. James’ Park it’s near Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the Thames, Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus. Also, just next to it you can find Hyde Park (We like to think of St James’ Park, Green Park and Hyde park as one big green area). Then, just before your picnic we recommend to rent a little boat at the Serpentine’s Lake and just relax. This huge park has many activities to do. It’s perfect for renting a bike and pedal through it. Lot’s of fun!
We also wanted to do a special mention to the Speakers’ Corner as it is the most famous location for free speech in the world. It symbolizes popular struggles in Britain for the right to vote, speak and assemble.


Last but not least, we present you the magnificent Greenwich Park. Even though it’s a bit away from the heart of the city, it’s worth visiting it. Just like Hampstead Heath, this park has a beautiful view of London and it’s located on a big hill with the River Thames at the bottom. Our best suggestion is to go there by boat from where the London Eye is located. Ideal for the romantics! Once you get to Greenwich you’ll see the beautiful University of Greenwich. The Old Royal Naval College is the architectural centrepiece of Maritime Greenwich, a World Heritage Site. Other things to check out in the area include the Maritime Museum and the Planetarium. Oh! And did we mention that the famous Greenwich meridian can be found in this park? Great place to take a pictures!


The old meets the modern separated by the River Thames.

This is a different way to get to know London, a more nature based we can say. And definitely worth doing it.