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What souvenirs to bring back from London?

You are in London for a weekend or more and you’re looking for some souvenirs to bring back? It’s not always easy to find objects which will please to everyone and which well represent the country.

To help you to easily find an idea or to save time, here are some ideas:

  • English tea

It is not a myth, English people are big amateurs of tea! You’ll find excellent brands of English tea such as Whittard or Pukka. The teas from Mark’s and Spencer are also delicious!

  • Digestive Biscuits

To go with the tea, nothing better than a biscuit which is called “digestive”. Nature or chocolate taste, these small cakes have a particular taste which will certainly please the gourmands!

  • An accessory from Harrods

Harrods is this big smart shop placed on Brompton road in Knightbridge. The brand also sells bags, wallets, kits… under its own brand. Very particular fashion accessories that you won’t find somewhere else.

  • Accessories “Kate and William”

If you are fan of the royal family, you’ll find mugs, postal cards or key rings with the picture of Kate and William. You can find them easily in all souvenir shops of London.

  • Souvenirs from the British Museum

The shop of the British Museum is particularly well supplied! Plan a little bit of money to spend in this shop because we find objects with various inspirations there. Tissues made in Britain, retorts of the works of the museum, jewels, stationery, vases, games for children… The choice is vast!

  • Marmite

In general, people are not fans of Marmite. However, if it’s not your case or if you want to surprise your friends, you can find this salty spread in all the supermarkets.

  • Products “I love London”

“Cool Britannia” is THE store where you will find objects with the colors of UK. T-shirt “I love London”, mugs “Keep calm and carry on”, Key rings in the shape of phone boxes… There is for every taste. Adress: 225-229 Piccadilly, London. Open from 9:00 am to midnight.

  • Scones

These English cakes are a real delight and we do not find them easily in other countries. Mark’s and Spencer or Tesco sell it packed. Ideal to be taken in the suitcase!

So, what souvenirs are you going to bring back? Make your choice!  😉