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5 of the best reasons for post-graduation travel

Should you take the plunge and go travelling after graduation? We think so, and though we hardly think you need a reason to travel, we’ve compiled five good reasons for you to do just that.

1) You’re as free as you’ll ever be!

Right now you’ve got no classes, no deadlines, and you’re years away from mortgages and marriage. Now’s the perfect time to strike out and see the world on your own (or with a couple of trusted friends) before you submit yourself to any new commitments. Of course, you probably have no job and no money either, but a month or two’s worth of work plus strict budgeting means you can still save up enough for an amazing trip.

2) The discount days of youth

Right now’s the time to take advantage of those student and youth (12-26) discounts. Many tourist hotspots offer these discounts, and you can get reduced fares on rail cards and public transport, too. You’re not going to see discounts like these again until you’re dining on Senior Special day.

3) Useful career skills

We know, we know, we just mentioned the fact that you were free from the shackles of the working world. But it’s never too early to start building your CV, and employers are keen to see intercultural skills in such a global economy. You’ll come back from your travels with a broader perspective of the world, more patience and tolerance, and better adaptability – all skills that enhance your CV. You can also brush up on those languages you studied in school.

4) Hostels – the perfect home away from home

What’s better than a house filled with friends? A hostel filled with potential friends. Hostels are the true melting pots of the world with guests from every corner of the globe, though you’ll always find certain types of people at a hostel. There are lots of different types of hostels on offer now, from the party hardy hostel to the boutique hostel, but the one thing they have in common (aside from a well-stocked bar) is that they attract people who love to travel. Swap stories and find inspiration for your next trip.

5) Life, interrupted

Travel can be a great transition to the real world. While you won’t have the pressures of the daily grind, you will have to figure out how to make a budget (and stick to it). You’ll also learn new skills due to said budget like cooking and sewing and (if your mum always did it for you) how to do laundry. You’ll also figure out transit, learn to map-read, and respect others – all in another language. This will give you heaps of confidence when it comes to adulthood.
The world is a wonderful place – make sure you explore it!