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Tower Bridge at night. London, UK.

NFL back in London

The National Football League road show rolls into London again!


Next weekend the first of three regular season games will be hold in London’s Wembley Stadium. On Saturday “The Oakland Raiders” will face “The Miami Dolphins”.


Since 2007, America sends every year some of the biggest stars from their most popular sports league to London, where this year round a quarter of a million people will watch the games.

But what probably the most of us want to know: what is American Football about?

To get an idea of the game, here’s a small excerpt from the rules:

In each game two 11-man teams are facing each other. One team is the offense, the other team the defence and the roles are changing.

While the offense team scores points by crossing the goal line and getting into an area called the end zone, the defence team tries to stop them and to make them give up their possession of the ball.

The games are divided into four 15-minute quarters, separated by a 12-minute break at halftime. At the end of the first and third quarters there are 2-minute breaks and the teams change ends of the field.

The object of an American Football game is of course to score the most points which can be done in four ways. To explain all of them would be too extensive. But what one can say is that the best is to score a so-called “Touchdown” with 6 points. Therefore the ball must be carried across the goal line or caught in the end zone.


Now, that you are a little bit smarter about the rules, it’s time to tell you that the Wembley Stadium with its capacity of 84,000 is only a stone’s throw from our hostels away.

From Palmers Lodge Swiss Cottage (Swiss Cottage Underground Station) or Palmers Lodge Hillspring (Willesden Green Underground Station), you just have to take the underground Jubilee line towards Stanmore. Stop at the Wembley Park station and have a short walk of 10 minutes to the legendary Stadium and there you are….

But even if you haven’t got tickets for the Wembley Stadium this Saturday, you can take part in this great event: from noon to 6pm one of London’s most famous landmarks, the Regent Street, will turn into an all-day NFL fan festival.

It will include on-stage appearances, interviews with Miami Dolphins and Oakland Raiders star players and head coaches, performances of “The Raiderettes” (the Oakland Raiders cheerleaders), live music and entertainment, NFL merchandise, food and drink and so much more… Also some stores and restaurants take part and have retailer activities or they will offer 10% OFF. For more information have a look at

And in case you want to see a game live at Wembley Stadium: The “Detroit Lions” will play the “Atlanta Falcons” the 26th of October and the “Jacksonville Jaguars” meet the “Dallas Cowboys” the 9th of November.